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Jay Song

Jay is a Korea Foundation Associate Professor in Korean Studies and Research Coordinator for the Migration, Gender, and Environment cluster at the Asia Institute, the University of Melbourne. She also  serves as a deputy editor for Asian Studies Review. Jay conducts research in the areas of North Korea, human rights and Asian migration. Her current research focus on Korean migration to Australia, Australia-Korea relations and North Korea.

Wonsun Shin

Wonsun is an Associate Professor in Media and Communications, in the School of Culture and Communications at the University of Melbourne. Wonsun’s research looks at young peoples’ engagements with digital media, privacy management, and parental mediation. She also conducts research on digital media use in advertising and its impacts on consumers. Wonsun is working on research projects investigating digital media use by Asian-Australians during COVID-19 and Korean consumers’ privacy concerns in dealing with online advertisers, and has extensive expertise in quantitative research methods.


Daejeong Choi

Daejeong is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne. He conducts research on human resource management systems, employee behaviours and outcomes, and work team leadership. Daejeong is developing a research project on global mobilities, focussing on Korean Australian immigrant workers, expatriates, and second-generation Korean Australians.

Lulu Spencer

Lulu is a research assistant for the Korean Studies Research Hub since 2021. As a politics student at the University of Melbourne, they completed an honours thesis on identity in Korea-Japan relations in 2020. Lulu has obtained a graduate certificate in Public Policy from the Australian National University and plans to continue to explore these areas of interest in the field of Korean Studies.

Dr Ryan Gustafsson, Postdoctoral Fellow

Ryan is an Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) postdoctoral fellow at the Asia Institute. Ryan conducts research in social theory and continental philosophy (particularly phenomenology), focussing on Korean transnational adoption, migration, and diaspora. They also work on collaborative and individual research projects in the areas of gender studies and environmental philosophy.

Jun Kim

Jun is a third year undergraduate Arts student majoring in Asian Studies and Psychology, and has been a research assistant for the Korean Studies Research Hub since 2021. She hopes to pursue further studies at the Asia Institute post-graduation with a focus on Korean Studies.

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