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Stories of Korean Australians

We aim to collect old and new stories of Korean migrants, immigrants and their decendents in Australia to understand their motivations and routes to Australia as well as lived experiences in Australia since the late 19th century to the present day. Through a series of interviews, focus-group discussion and participatory observation in the coming years, our ultimate goal is to  discover and share stories of this not so visible Asian minority population in Australia. We hope our new knowledge of people-to-people relations can contribute to deepening ties between the two countries and strengthening Australia-Korea relations.

Photograph sourced from Melbourne University archives of Taekwondo Master demonstrating at South Lawn, Parkville Campus.

The University of Melbourne Taekwondo Club with Taekwondo Master, 50 years later.

Photograph of Hoyul Kim, a University of Melbourne Alumni and Scotch College Graduate, photographed at the Geelong Summer Conference in 1923.


Hoyul Kim arrived in Australia in 1921, studying at the Scotch College in Melbourne for his first year before being admitted to the University of Melbourne to study English Literature in 1922.

He may be the first Korean International student in Melbourne.

Korean-Australian Medals Ceremony at the Scots' Church Melbourne

Dr. Jay Song with Korean Ambassador of Australia at the Korean-Australian Medals Ceremony at the Scots' Church Melbourne

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