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The Korean Australian Survey

KAS is a series of longitudinal surveys and interviews of Korean-born populations in Australia. The survey will take place every two years to understand motivations, routes and social networks of migration from Korea, as well as their media use, inter-generational communications and life satisfaction in Australia. The team investigates various walks of lives of first- and second-generation Korean Australians and their contribution to Australian economy and society. 

KAS 2021

The KAS is a flagship research project of the Korean Studies Research Hub at the University of Melbourne, funded by the Academy of Korean Studies under the South Korean Ministry of Education and the Australia Korea Foundation under the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It is a n interdisciplinary project, and its inaugural members include A/P Jay Song from Politics, A/P Wonsun Shin from Media and Communication, Dr Daejeong Choi from Business and Dr Ryan Gustafsson from Social Theory.


The team launched its first comprehensive survey of 940 Korean Australians in 2021 to mark the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Australia and South Korea.


We welcome collaboration with museums, Korean resident associations, language schools, student associations, Korean adoptee networks, working holiday makers and the like.

2021 KAS Initial Results

The initial results from the 2021 Korean Australian Survey have been published for the Melbourne Asia Review. The project was featured in a 4-part series of special reports for SBS Korean Program as well with extensive interviews with the project members.

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